Checkout Information

For payments on our website, we accept credit cards, cashier checks, and money orders. Please follow the next three steps for buying a firearm:

  1. Call us and let us know which gun you are interested in purchasing and we will put this gun aside with your name. You can then make the payment in full with a credit card, or let us know that you are sending a cashiers check or money order by mail. Please add $30.00 to the price of the firearm for shipping and handling charges.
  2. Find a FFL holder that does gun transfers and have them either send or fax us a copy of their FFL license. Also, please have the FFL holder put your name on the license so we know which gun goes to this FFL holder.
  3. After we have received payment and the FFL holders license, we will ship the firearm to the FFL holder where you will complete your paperwork.