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Browning BPR 30-06

Make: Browning== Model: BPR== Caliber: 30-06== S/N: 1E7NR15205== BBL: 22"== Description: Browning BPR chambered in 30-06 beautiful stocks some ...

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Beautiful Tiger-Tail Maple Stocked Browning A-Bolt Medallion with Octagon Barrel in 22-250

Manufacturer: Browning== Model: A-Bolt Medallion== Caliber: 22-250== S/N: 81005ZX351== Description: This is a limited production Browning with the...

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Browning 1885 High Wall 22-250 Rem. 28" Octagon Barrel

Manufacturer: Browning== Model: 1885 High Wall== Caliber: 22-250 Rem== S/N: 06156PV247== Barrel: 28" Octagon== Description: This rifle has some h...

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Browning Acera 30-06 Springfield Straight pull

Make: Browning== Model: Acera== Caliber: 30-06 Springfield== S/N: 352MM1822== BBL: 22" Description: Browning Acera Chambered in 30-06 Springfie...

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Beautifully Engraved Browning BAR Grade III made in Belgium

Manufacturer: Browning== Model: BAR== Caliber: 30-06== S/N:337CS01387== Barrel: 22"== Description: This a beautifully engraved grade III Belgium ...

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Browning Stainless Steel A-Bolt in 300 Win Mag

Manufacturer: Browning== Model: A-Bolt== Caliber: 300 Win Mag== S/N: 63633NZ757== Specifics: Only has two tiny scratches on the top pf the barrel ...

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Browning High Power 7mm Rem. Mag.

Make: Browning== Model: High Power== Caliber: 7mm Remington Magnum== S/N: 5L-34709== BBl: 24"== Description: Beautiful Browning High Power 7mm ...